About Us

Knight West Construction, Inc. has been building quality homes since 1987. We like to stay on top of the market by integrating new research and technology into our building practices.

We have evolved over the years into a “Green Home” Builder. This means all of the Buyers of Knight West Homes receive on going savings because of the Energy Efficiency and ongoing comfort because of the Healthy Environment of every home. We are the only builder in Utah that certifies each home we build as a National Association of Home Builders “Green Home” and Energy Star 3.0 home. We use a third party inspector to make sure that we meet these stringent standards.

The owners of Knight West Construction, Inc. have a unique partnership where each of us brings our years of combined building experience and expertise in our field to the table, and provide a quality product and an enjoyable experience for our customers. We take pride in the quality buildings that we produce in the competitive environment in which we operate. We maintain a reputation for integrity and customer satisfaction that facilitates an ongoing stream of referrals and repeat business. All Knight West employees and subcontractors are encouraged to promote this attitude.


Our Communities

Plum Creek Estates

plumb_creek_etates_platmap_400x258Residents of the 13 lot Plum Creek Estates Subdivision will enjoy the hometown feel and the beautiful setting at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Mapleton.