What an exciting time it was for me while building my home.  Many people find the process of building a home an exciting time.   I found some benefits and some disadvantage to building a home while debating, “do I buy or do I build a home and can I afford to build”?



  • Discounts from the builder:  Working directly with a builder provides opportunities to save money by negotiating discount prices.
  • Location choices increase:  Working with a builder also provides more freedom with choosing a location to build.
  • Everything is new:  With building your own home there are no hidden repairs or upgrades to be made that may come with buying an existing home.
  • Annual Savings: Some homeowners’ insurance plans include a discount for a new furnace and air conditioner.  Plus you can save a few hundred dollars a year by omitting the service plan normally carried with an older system.
  • Designing the Home: Working directly with a builder opens the door for getting everything you want from the very beginning.  No additional spending redoing the home, to get what you want after the purchase is made.
  • Time:  Typically Knight West Homes can have your home built in three to four months, due to the process of building green.   In the industry of building homes this is relatively quick.

Not to obvious benefits of building your own home includes.

  • Building a Community:  Building a new home also includes building new neighborhoods and communities.  What a plus, with everyone in the neighborhood being comparatively new, great friendships can be formed over the years with them.
  • Easier Entertaining:  With an open floor plan that building a new home often provides, you have more space for entertaining large groups.
  • A Clean Slate: You don’t have to deal with the decorating styles of a previous owner; you can start with a clean slate, saving time, money and stress.
  • Outlets:  More often than not there are not enough outlets in a previously owned home.   More outlets in the right places can make day after day tasks more convenient.


  • Limitations on Changes: The Style choice of home, making changes and upgrades can be expensive and cause limitations on what you can build in your price range.
  • Construction Loan and Permits:  Does your builder carry the construction loan for you?  Do you understand the permit requirements on your area?  These are two disadvantages to building your own home that your builder can turn into advantages for you.  It is wise to become familiar with the code requirements to make certain that the job is done right the first time and avoid added costs.
  • The Legal Part: The agreement between you and the builder might limit your rights if there is an issue with the home-building process and you need to take the builder to court.  Make sure to read any documentation very carefully and consult an attorney in your state for legal advice if necessary.
  • Temporary Housing:  Where do you live while your home is being built? This can cause added expense with rent payment, moving costs, and storage.
  • Added Stress: Moving is an added stress, especially if you have to do it more than once in a short period of time.  Multiple moves are even more stressful if moving during winter months.

While considering your pros and cons, take this into consideration to help you make the best decision.  First, make a list of what is most important to you in your home.  Second, compare costs. Third, decide on must haves and can do without in your next home.  Your home is your biggest investment so it’s perfectly acceptable to be picky and take your time to find the perfect home.

After I had weighed the benefits verses the disadvantages and looked at the pros and cons of buying a home or building a home, I was pleased to find that building was affordable and the choice for me.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable building your own home can be.


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