A Complete Heating and Cooling System


If improved indoor air quality, better moister control, more comfort, and quieter operation are important to you, an Energy Star Qualified Home with a High-efficiency HVAC system is for you.

Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation

The living space in an Energy Star 3.0 qualified home has a constant source of filtered, fresh air to remove pollutants from your home. (Read more about this in the Creating a Healthier Living Environment Blog)

Proper Design and Quality

Energy Star Qualified Homes follow the best practices established by the leading industry association and equipment manufactures. They ensure that the equipment used is fully engineered, and tested, including sizing of equipment, and ducts, sealing and testing ductwork, verifying proper refrigerant charge for central air conditioners, and ensuring room-to-room air flow. This is all tested by an independant third party.

Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

Higher efficiency equipment that delivers premium performance is used. The equipment uses less energy, reduces operating noise levels, and often comes with extended warranty coverage.


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